Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mediadump Endorses Yellow Dog For Democratic Nominee

Mediadump has before it a confounding array of choices for the Democratic Nominee for the American Presidency and has purposefully waited until today to make its formal endorsement. Being an upstanding member of the media, Mediadump has carefully analyzed all the relevant materials required to make its decision, including the relevant poll information, dollars raised, television ads aired, and plugs from establishment media douchebags. However, no matter how deeply the important, substantive information (namely the popular opinion of the MSM) is examined, Mediadump finds it impossible to determine which bandwagon has the sufficient electoral "momentum" rendering it worthy enough for Mediadump to jump on. Hillary was looking so promising until her obsessively canned and micromanaged style torched her campaign in Iowa. Obama was doing so well until he had to enter into his unholy alliance with Edwards, causing Hillary to cry and become sympathetically human. With the first two major "primary" contests over, we at Mediadump are now thoroughly incensed by both campaigns for not having this thing wrapped up and done with so that we can focus on more substantive issues like Mitt Romney's haircut and Chuck Norris's incandescently white teeth! Now we have to pay attention until Super Tuesday when states that actually matter will now have a say on the nomination. Talk about committing violence against the democratic process.

So, to protest this development, to our chagrin, Mediadump must endorse Yellow Dog.


Leo said...

Jesus Yule, if you keep updating your blog I'll never get anything done.

mediadumper said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. I'm not blogging on vapors now. I'm going need some serious inspiration soon to keep this pace up.